Artificial Intelligence That Thinks, Acts, and Learns like Your Consumers

Artificial Intelligence That
Thinks, Acts, and Learns like
Your Consumers

See the World the Way Your Consumers Do.

To stay relevant in the fast-paced, digital visual world, brand builders need to keep up with the changing tastes and preferences of their consumers and create powerful, new experiences at lightning speed.

Your Audience’s Visual Preferences – in an Algorithm.

Vizit’s proprietary AI software scans 15,000+ visual cues in a given image and analyzes the interplay between these elements to predict how effective the image will be with a specific audience. All of this analysis happens in real-time – without surveying a single consumer.

Next Generation AI Image Analysis

The hint of a smile. A ray of sunlight on a gloomy day. The angle of an open door. These latent visual elements can capture our attention and draw us in. Vizit’s deep neural networks learn how these ineffable details in a visual experience appeal to an audience, and drive their intent.

The Picture of Consumer Intelligence

Powered by patented AI technology and deep learning algorithms, The Vizit Platform simulates a target audience’s visual preferences by learning from patterns in the millions of things that they share and interact with online.

Instantly Reveal How Consumers Will React to New Pack Designs, Imagery, and Campaigns – Before You Launch Them.

Vizit gives you the ability to shape how you present yourself to potential customers and put your best face forward.