Visual Brand Performance Category Report

Beauty Gifting Sets

A visual analysis of beauty set product imagery across Ulta and Sephora.

Beauty makes a return to pre-pandemic sales

According to The NPD Group, more than 25% of U.S. consumers planned to purchase a beauty product this past holiday season, contributing to expected sales increases of 25%-35% over 2020. But as more shopping takes place online than ever before, what makes one product stand out over another on the digital shelf, and how do brands best position themselves to capture the attention and entice their target audience?

Through the use of new visual artificial intelligence technology, this Vizit Report reveals the makeup and skincare brands that have the most powerful visual brands on the digital shelf, as well as the image trends and design elements that engage online beauty shoppers.

Traffic-driving images (hero images)

Conversion-driving images (carousel images)

To get discovered, hero imagery must capture consumer attention and entice them to learn more.

To win the sale, carousel imagery must visually engage the consumer and drive them to click the “buy” button.

Visual Content That Attracts & Converts on the Digital Shelf

To evaluate Visual Brand Performance across Sephora and Ulta online stores, Vizit’s AI technology was used to assess product hero and supporting carousel imagery from hundreds of top-searched beauty gift sets. Vizit’s technology scored each brand image between 0-100 for beauty shoppers to determine the brands with the highest-scoring product hero and carousel imagery on the digital shelf. The result is an understanding of the top performing visual brands across retailers, as well as the specific visual trends and tactics that drive clicks and conversions.

How to read the insights in this report

Read the full Beauty Sets Visual Brand Performance report to learn about:

The best and worst visual beauty brands on the digital shelf

The image and design trends that drive visual engagement with Beauty Shoppers

Examples of high-scoring product pages across each retailer

The difference in visual content and scores across major retailers