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In this Visual Brand Performance analysis, we compare men’s razor images from brands featured across Target’s digital shelf to reveal the most and least effective product and lifestyle images within the category.

From Gillette offering the “best a man can get ” to digitally native brands like Dollar Shave Club and Harry’s, the men’s razor category is no stranger to strong branding and digital disruption. And with new competition comes constantly changing visuals on the digital shelf, packaging, and advertising.

But which brand is best positioned to attract the eyes of digital shoppers?

We used Vizit’s Visual Brand Performance Platform to compare all men’s razor images on Target’s digital shelf to discover the most and least effective images for US male consumers aged 25-34, revealing the visual elements that motivate this audience to view, click, and buy razor products.

The Analysis: Men’s Razor and Shaving Products across Target’s Digital Shelf

Using Vizit’s Patented Visual Brand Performance Platform we analyzed the images being used by top brands in the men’s razor and shaving products category currently listed on (including 42 product hero images and 200+ supporting carousel & lifestyle images).

Vizit’s AI technology analyzes more than 15,000 visual cues contained within each image, and provides a numerical Visual Effectiveness Score (0-100%) to determine the effectiveness of each image for distinct consumer audiences. The highest scoring images are most aligned with their core consumer audience’s visual preferences, and are more effective at generating views, clicks, and conversions with their intended audience.

The Results: Revealing the Most Effective Men’s Razor Images on the Digital Shelf

An analysis of the product hero imagery for all 42 men’s razor products on Target’s digital shelf revealed that the Schick “Hydro Skin Stubble Eraser “ image is the most effective product hero image for US Men 25 – 34. With a Visual Effectiveness Score of 76.4%, the Schick visual is the highest scoring men’s razor product hero image across Target’s entire digital shelf, sitting 27% above the average score for men’s razor product hero imagery.

While consumer attention is initially captured by the “Hydro” logo and the packaging design, it is the illustration at the top right of the product packaging, as well as the placement of the razor product image within the packaging, that drives the visual’s high Effectiveness Score.

This gives Schick a 6.2% advantage over Gillete’s highest scoring product hero imagery with US Men 25 – 34.

Other high scoring product hero images for Men 25 – 34 include Schick product and packaging imagery, as well as isolated single razors and Gillette Proglide pack model imagery.

Highest Scoring Razor Product Hero Images: US Men 25 – 34

When it comes to the lowest scoring razor product hero imagery for US Men 25 – 34, it is clear that busier packaging design with a lack of negative space scores significantly lower. Other product hero images low effectiveness scores are driven by the packaging and logo design.

Lowest Scoring Razor Product Hero Images: US Men 25 – 34

The Bic brand has several products among the bottom performers. Vizit performance heatmaps reveal that the logo design is actually the biggest driver of their low scores for product hero imagery.

Supporting Carousel & Lifestyle Imagery: Visual Trend Analysis

Along with the 42 product hero images, over 200 supporting carousel images were uploaded and analyzed using Vizit’s Visual Brand Performance Platform, surfacing clear visual trends within the men’s razor category:

1) Vertical razor product imagery is noticeably more effective for US Men 25 – 34 than is horizontal or slanted razor imagery.

2) Product-focused carousel images score significantly higher than lifestyle images that emphasize a human model.

3)Imagery including human models scores noticeably higher when the image includes a closeup of the product.

AI powered product content: the next great advantage on the digital shelf

With online shopping at an all time high and the global Razor market projected to increase to $22.5 billion by 2030, it’s never been more important to seize every opportunity to gain an advantage in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

But to create great product and shopping experiences, your ecommerce team needs to be armed with the most effective visual content; statistically-optimized images that meet guidelines and work harder at driving conversions than anyone else on the digital shelf. With Vizit’s AI technology, brands uncover the hidden visual cues and trends that motivate key consumer audiences to view and purchase their products online.

Key Takeaways

 • For US Men 25 – 34, the Schick brand has the most effective product hero imagery on Target’s digital shelf, scoring 6.2% higher than Gillette’s top product image.

 • When it comes to lower scoring product hero images, a lack of negative space, as well as pack and logo design, are key drivers of less effective visuals for US Men 25 – 34.

 • When displaying isolated images of razors, a vertical display with no angle or slant is noticeably more effective with US Men 25 – 34.

 • When it comes to supporting carousel and lifestyle imagery, product focused imagery is significantly more effective with US Men 25 – 34 than is imagery using human models.

 • When human models are used in lifestyle imagery, the closer up the image is on the product itself, the higher the image scores for US Men 25 – 34.

How do your images compare?

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