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Optimizing Takis PDP Imagery on Walmart

Ecommerce images are more critical today than ever – as more shoppers make their purchases online, the visuals brands use can mean the difference between an “add to cart” or a scroll-on-by. As brands build out their product listings across retailer websites, how can they be sure they’re deploying the best imagery to maximize traffic and conversion with their target audience?

In a recent Visual Brand Performance Report, Vizit analyzed over 90 of the top-searched chip listings on Walmart’s digital shelf and ranked them based on the effectiveness of their image content with online snack shoppers.

Evaluating Takis Original Walmart PDP Imagery:

Low-Scoring Product Hero And Lack of Total Images Result Low Overall Listing Score

The Takis brand Fuego Rolled Tortilla Chips listing initially received an overall Listing Score of 60.3, positioning it in 43rd place out of the 97 top-searched chip listings analyzed on Walmart. The listing’s low overall score was driven by a low product hero image score of 44.9, over 3 points lower than the category average product hero image score. While the PDP had a single high-scoring carousel image, the low total number of listing images also negatively impacted the overall listing score. 

The lowest-scoring image within this Takis listing is the back-of-pack shot, which has a Vizit score of 22.3 with online snack shoppers and is positioned first in the carousel order. The highest-scoring image is the isolated Takis chip image which displays the product shape and texture. Both the product hero image and the final carousel image score in the mid-forties, and are only moderately likely to visually engage online snack shoppers compared to other chip product hero and carousel images on the digital shelf. Overall this listing has only 4 images, which is slightly below the Walmart top-searched chips category average of 4.1 images per listing.

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Optimizing Walmart PDP imagery for Takis Fuego Rolled Tortilla Chips

Vizit used its AI-powered image analysis platform to analyze and improve Takis visual content with online snack food shoppers. To elevate the effectiveness of Takis PDP imagery, Vizit altered and tested Takis visuals in real-time to increase both product hero and carousel imagery scores. Vizit also applied learnings from its recent Visual Brand Performance Report which features a full analysis on the image and design trends within top-searched chip listings that influence traffic and conversions on Walmart’s digital shelf.

Takis Product Hero Image Testing & Optimization:

To drive traffic on the digital shelf, a product hero image needs to both capture attention and entice consumers to click. Visual elements like product size, rotation, shadows, cropping, and use of badging can be manipulated to increase an image’s likelihood to visually engage a target audience – and ultimately drive them to the PDP.

Testing different variations of Takis product hero imagery within Vizit’s platform quickly revealed that the addition of vertical badging indicating flavor and quantity had a significant impact on the image score with snack shoppers. The product hero image improved from a Vizit Score of 44.9 to an 85.7 – an increase of over 40 points.

Takis Carousel Image Testing & Optimization:

Once a shopper has clicked into a product listing, the carousel imagery featured on the PDP must visually engage them and motivate them to convert. Visual elements like layout & composition, scenery, background colors, model usage, product size & placement, graphic treatments, and special effects can be manipulated to increase the likelihood of carousel imagery to resonate with a target audience.

While some brands have rapid visual content creation capabilities allowing them to generate new product imagery quickly, companies without this ability can scour existing visual content within their PIMs, DAMs, and other online channels such as social media in order to test and discover higher-scoring imagery for their desired audience.

Optimized Carousel Imagery

To optimize Takis carousel imagery, Vizit analyzed alternate product imagery from retailers such as Target and Amazon, as well as social media channels including Instagram and Twitter. Takis product visuals showcasing chips alongside other food and snacks, against colorful, high-contrast purple backdrops, and closeups of texture all scored highly with online snack shoppers.

By discovering and analyzing Takis imagery that portrays the product in different scenes, settings, and contexts, Vizit was able to increase Takis carousel image score from a 75.7 to a 94.7. Vizit also was able to bring Takis total listing images from 4 images to a total of 7 images – well above the category average of 4.1 images per listing.

Takis Optimized PDP

By optimizing Takis PDP imagery, Vizit was able to improve Takis overall listing score from a 60.3 to a 90.2, moving it from 43rd place to 2nd place within the top-searched chip products ranked for visual effectiveness on Walmart. The improvement was driven both by enhancements made to Takis product hero image, as well as carousel imagery that was gathered and tested from alternate channels and retailers such as Target, Instagram, and Twitter. Takis product hero image improved by over 40 points through the addition of vertical badging, while the carousel image score was improved by nearly 20 points through the use of alternate Takis product imagery.

Winning the Digital Shelf with AI-Optimized Product Imagery

There’s no longer any doubt around the importance of imagery on the digital shelf, with 93% of consumers stating it’s the most important factor when making a purchasing decision. In today’s digital, visually-saturated world, brands have only seconds to capture consumer attention – and once they do they need additional imagery to drive sales. But in an era when shoppers expect to see at least 6 images per listing, how do brands also ensure those images are best positioned to drive maximum traffic and conversions? 

Using the power of AI and machine learning, Vizit gives brands the power to measure the impact of product imagery to ensure it’s relevant for specific consumer audiences. Leading brands are utilizing Vizit’s Visual Brand Performance platform to create, identify, optimize, and monitor the effectiveness of imagery at the speed and scale of ecommerce.