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An in-depth visual analysis of the Samsung 55” UHD TK Smart TV on Walmart

As many consumers turn to online stores to search for the best products, the digital shelf plays a major role in consumer electronics omnichannel sales. One brand that is well-positioned to capture the attention of consumer electronics shoppers on Walmart is Samsung. Compared to all other top-searched TV brands on Walmart, Samsung has the highest-scoring product hero images as well as the 4th highest-scoring carousel images (see the full findings in our recent Consumer Electronics Visual Brand Performance Report). 

PDP Spotlight: Samsung 55” UHD TK Smart TV

In this PDP Spotlight blog, we dig into the Walmart listing for Samsung’s 55” UHD TK Smart TV to reveal why they are best positioned to capture the attention of online consumer electronics shoppers on Walmart and how the images they use are optimized to drive traffic, conversions and sales.

With an overall score of 62.2, this Samsung PDP outperforms a vast majority of TV listings on Walmart’s digital shelf. The listing’s high score is driven by a very effective product hero image, while the carousel images range from high to low-scoring.

Visual Trends: Product Hero

Samsung’s 55” UHD TK Smart TV high product hero image scores a 74 and is highly likely to visually engage online consumer electronics shoppers. The image’s high score is driven by the use of mountain landscape imagery on-screen, as well as showcasing the TV with the legs installed and visible (unlike some brands on Walmart’s digital shelf that show TVs without legs installed). Consumer attention is primarily captured by the brand’s logo, as well as the “Crystal HD” text in the bottom right hand corner. 

Visual Trends: Carousel Imagery

Smart TV Menu Visuals

The highest-scoring carousel image includes a visual of the TV against a dark background with a menu displaying smart TV applications on-screen. This image element is highly visually engaging to online consumer electronics shoppers.

Nature & Landscape Imagery

Appearing both on the Samsung TV Screen, as well as in an additional carousel image that highlights the products ability to portray color, the use of vivid nature and outdoor scene imagery is a clear driver of high scores for online consumer electronics shoppers.

Side Vs. Overhead Angles

When picturing the smart TV product from multiple angles in the carousel, it is the side-view of the product showcasing the TV’s sleek profile that visually engages online electronics shoppers. The overhead angled product shot in comparison scores nearly 40 points lower.

Technology-Themed Imagery

The carousel image of Samsung’s smart TV’s 4K Crystal Processor scores very highly with online consumer electronics shoppers. Consumer attention is primarily captured by the Samsung logo and Crystal Processor label.

Text-Heavy Voice Assistant Imagery

The Samsung Smart TV carousel image portraying its voice assistant capabilities scores noticeably lower than many of the other carousel images. The image’s low score is primarily driven by the use of text bubbles and messaging UI to demonstrate the voice assistant technology. 

Discovering the electronics imagery trends that influence online shoppers

While this PDP Spotlight provided an in-depth analysis of Samsung’s 55” UHD TK Smart TV, Vizit’s Consumer Electronics Visual Brand Performance Report analyzes over 600 different TV, Headphone, and Smart Device images to provide consumer electronics brands with the insights they need to win the race for customer attention. The complete analysis reveals the image and design trends that drive visual effectiveness with electronics shoppers, as well as a comprehensive ranking of the winning and losing visual brands across categories.

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