Retailer Image Comparison

Evaluating Headphone Imagery across Amazon & Walmart

Evaluating Headphone Imagery across Amazon & Walmart

Different ecommerce images across retailers can have a major impact on the visual engagement and conversion-potential of a product page – even for the exact same SKU. But when it comes to headphones, which images are best suited to attract and convert electronics shoppers – and what visual elements drive that success?

This Vizit Retailer Image Comparison takes a look at visual content used for the JLab Jbuds Wireless Earbuds product across both Amazon and Walmart to highlight the key differences in visual content used, as well as the impact on the SKU’s overall visual effectiveness with electronics shoppers.

The Results: Amazon's JLab Imagery Outperforms Walmart’s

Each of the PDPs features 1 product hero image along with 6 supporting carousel images. Overall, Amazon JLab visual content scores over 12 points higher, driven by both a higher-scoring product hero image, as well as supporting carousel imagery. The JLab product hero image featured on Amazon is cropped more closely, with less visible whitespace in the hero image resulting in a higher score. When it comes to supporting carousel imagery, JLabs higher scores are driven by the use of gradient overlays in combination with product feature & benefit information, background color and text volume, and human headphone model selection and usage. 

Product Hero Image Insights

Product image cropping

While Amazon’s JLab product hero image looks very similar to Walmart’s at first glance, it is the tighter cropping and larger display of the product that leads to the image’s higher Vizit Score with Online Electronics Shoppers.

Carousel Image Insights

Feature & benefit information

By including a dark gradient overlay as well as iconography and white text conveying feature and benefit information, this Amazon JLabs headphone image scores over 20 points higher than the Walmart version without feature & benefit descriptions.

Background color and volume of text

Adjusting the background color has an impact on an images overall score. Images of the product without human models that include large volumes of text also score noticeably lower with the electronics online shopper audience.

Model selection & pose

The model selected to demonstrate the headphone product, as well as the pose the model is positioned in has a clear impact on overall image score. In these two Walmart examples the female model pose leads to a significantly lower scoring headphone carousel visual.

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Full Listing Analysis

The Amazon listing consists of 7 images, which have an average Vizit Score of 65.1. For Electronics Online Shoppers, the majority of images in this listing are highly visually engaging. The product hero image for this listing—the first product image consumers see while browsing Amazon’s digital shelf—is the second lowest scoring image in the listing, with a Vizit Score of 61.4.

Full Listing Analysis

On the Walmart PDP, a different set of images are used, which together prove to be less visually effective than their Amazon counterparts. The Walmart listing also includes 7 images, which earn a 52.9 average Vizit Score—significantly lower than the Amazon images for the exact same product. 

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