First Impressions

An in-depth AI analysis of Beyond Meat’s new plant-based jerky

Analyzing Beyond Meat’s new plant-based jerky packaging and visual content

With hundreds of new products launching every year, in order to succeed it’s essential to have packaging and digital imagery that attract and convert shoppers both online and off. The challenge for brands today is knowing how their target audience sees their product, packaging, and imagery on the digital shelf. 

In our recent Snacks Visual Brand Performance Report, we used the Vizit Visual Brand Performance Platform to analyze how imagery in top-searched chips, nuts, and fruit snacks listings resonate with a Snack Shopper audience. The resulting analysis revealed the brands and image trends that are most visually engaging for the target audience.  

Now that we know how visually engaging the current landscape of snack foods is, can we predict the success of a new product launch based on the visuals used in the Walmart listing? 

Meatless meat snacks competitive landscape

Following a partnership with PepsiCo, Beyond Meat Launched its first-ever plant-based jerky products in Q1 of 2022. As the brand takes its shot at breaking into the $3.6B meat snacks industry, we wonder: how likely is the product packaging and ecommerce imagery to engage shoppers on the digital shelf?  

Beyond Meat, though one of the most recognizable names in the plant-based meat industry, isn’t the first to launch vegan jerky products. It follows other brands like Krave, Gardein, Noble Jerky, and It’s Jerky Ya’ll, whose products began bringing meatless meat snack options into the mainstream as early as 2012. 

How does Beyond Meat’s Plant-Based Jerky packaging and hero imagery compare visually on the digital shelf—especially with Snack Shoppers that may be weighing plant-based jerky against traditional meat snack options? 

First Impressions: Beyond Meat Jerky Packaging

Of the three jerky flavors Beyond Meat launched—Original, Hot & Spicy, and Teriyaki—Original is the least visually engaging for Snack Shoppers. The Original flavor packaging is only more visually engaging than 7.9% of other meat snacks on the Walmart digital shelf, while both Teriyaki and Hot & Spicy are more visually engaging than 37.6%.

The Original flavor’s “Very Low” score is likely due to the light green bands on the packaging. The orange elements on Teriyaki and the red elements on Hot & Spicy are key drivers of audience engagement.

In the landscape of meatless jerky on the Walmart digital shelf, Beyond Meat jerky ties with Noble Jerky. Products from It’s Jerky Ya’ll, Vegky, Louisville Vegan Jerky Co, Primal Strips, and Garedein are all more visually engaging for Snack Shoppers than Beyond Meat.

Winning on the digital shelf with packaging design

Beyond Meat has the benefit of brand recognition, but their plant-based jerky packaging and hero imagery doesn’t position the product well for success on the digital shelf when compared to the full landscape of meat snacks on Walmart.

As brands embark on resource-intensive product launches and packaging rebrands, it’s essential to know how their target audience will subconsciously view the new design. Small details can make a huge difference in the way that consumers see a brand’s products on the digital shelf.

Explore the full interactive Snacks Visual Brand Performance Report to learn about the visual trends, brand benchmarks, and best practices that set exceptional snack product hero and carousel imagery apart from the rest.