The Picture of Consumer Intelligence

Vizit learns from the millions of images that consumers engage with online to power its’ Visual Intelligence technology – a new way to instantly determine the effectiveness of visual content for any audience.

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How Vizit Works


Vizit’s Visual Effectiveness Score is an AI-powered measurement of how effective visual content is at generating interest from your audience.


The higher the visual effectiveness scores, the more likely the content or designs are to motivate consumers to view and purchase your products.

The Vizit Method


First we gather data from multiple sources of where your audience lives online.


Our multi-patented technology identifies details of each image that correlate with positive engagement - these are called ‘visual cues’.


Vizit applies deep learning to understand patterns in visual cues that generate the most interest from your audience.


Our database has learned more than 1 Trillion visual cues, encompassing details of subject matter, scene, composition, colors, styling, and other important visual elements that influence consumer behavior.


The platform uses this data to provide visual intelligence - scoring, insights, and recommendations to help improve the performance of your Visual Brand

The World’s First Visual Brand Performance Platform

Vizit uses patented Visual Intelligence technology to measure, understand and optimize every visual experience consumers have with your brand to drive more sales, engagement, and connection with your audiences.

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