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Vizit Case Studies

Case Study

Master Lock

Learn how Master Lock drove double digit conversion and sales increases with AI-optimized imagery.

Case Study

Central Garden & Pet

Learn how Central Garden & Pet drove conversions and sales with more effective imagery.

Case Study

Serial 1

Find out how Serial 1 used Vizit to drive a competitive advantage and conversion rates with more effective imagery

Case Study


Discover how AI-driven packaging design outperforms competitors to maximize sales and conversions for UTZ.

Case Study


Learn how Tyson is using Visual Intelligence technology to guide new design for the digital shelf.

Case Study


Learn how Clif uses Vizit to maximize image effectiveness on the digital shelf to outperform competitive offerings, drive conversion rates, and dramatically reduce testing time.

Case Study


Find out how Pepsico used Vizit to drive real-time packaging and design evaluation and drive a 36% increase in sales.

Case Study


Discover how Harley-Davidson used Visual Intelligence data to drive new product innovation, saving them $5M and 2 years of development time.

Case Study

Global Beverage Brand

Learn more about how this beverage brand predicted global focus group responses and delivered creative recommendations with Visual Intelligence.

Case Study

Global Snack Brand

Learn more about how this global snack food company leveraged new visual AI capabilities to drive more efficient and comprehensive research.

Vizit ebooks & reports


Visual Intelligence: Bringing new Agility to Insights & Innovation

Discover how Visual Intelligence is changing the way innovation and insights teams create, develop, and launch new visual designs and experiences.


7 Winning Elements of Grocery Pages

Read the full report to learn about content and visual trends from more than 100,000 Grocery product pages on Amazon, Kroger, Target, and Walmart.


Eyes vs. Buys: US Food and Beverage Edition

Find out which brands are capturing buyer’s attention on the digital shelf and which brands are converting that attention into dollars in this Profitero & Vizit “Eyes vs. Buys” US Food and Beverage Report.


Eyes vs. Buys: UK Food and Beverage Edition

Find out which brands are capturing buyer’s attention on the digital shelf and which brands are converting that attention into dollars in this Profitero & Vizit “Eyes vs. Buys” UK Food and Beverage Report.


The ROI of improving product content

Read the full eBook to learn how having complete, correct and compelling content on the digital shelf can boost sales, traffic & conversion.

Vizit Webinars


Vizit & Salsify: Elements of Winning Grocery Pages

See actionable insights on how to build retailer specific grocery product pages that appeal to consumers at every step of the buying journey.


Maximizing the Power of Imagery along the Path-to-Purchase

See ecommerce pioneers explain how they created conversion-driving visual experiences at the speed and scale of ecommerce.


Visual Intelligence: A New Perspective on Consumer Behavior

See how Vizit provides innovation and insights teams with the data to predict how specific consumer audiences will react to new products, packaging designs, and images in real-time.


Harnessing the Power of Images on the Digital Shelf

Watch “Harnessing the Power of Images on the Digital Shelf” to learn more about how brands can maximize the revenue potential of visual content.


Win The Digital Shelf With Visual Intelligence in 2021

Watch Winning the Digital Shelf with Visual Intelligence and get a first look at Vizit’s new Visual Brand Performance Platform and learn about the importance of imagery along the path to purchase.

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