Vizit Webinar

Win The Digital Shelf With Visual Intelligence in 2021

About the Webinar

Winning the digital shelf in 2021, requires visual experiences that truly resonate with consumer audiences. To do so companies will need to optimize their visual brand performance and harness the power of their imagery to drive commerce with online consumers.

Watch Winning the Digital Shelf with Visual Intelligence and get a first look at Vizit’s new Visual Brand Performance Platform and learn:

  • The importance of imagery along the path to purchase
  • The revenue benefits of creating highly targeted images for key audiences
  • How you can action the insights provided by Vizit to improve your sales at the speed and scale of ecommerce

About the speakers

Jehan Hamedi is the Founder and CEO of VIZIT, with more than a decade of experience in computational social science and artificial intelligence. Before launching VIZIT, Jehan led global market development for Crimson Hexagon.

Adam Colasanto is the Director of Consumer Intelligence at Vizit. Adam came to VIZIT with more than a decade of experience leading consumer intelligence, market research and data insight teams at agencies like ICUC, Edelman Intelligence and Crimson Hexagon.