How are alcohol brands capturing attention and driving conversion with their product imagery on Target’s digital shelf?

The $284 Billion sales opportunity for alcohol brands in 2022

  • According to Statista, alcohol industry revenue in the United States will reach $284 Billion in 2022.
  • With 93% of consumers stating that visual content is the key deciding factor when it comes to making a purchasing decision, the images brands choose to represent their products and convince consumers to “add to cart” have become even more critical
  • The wrong images can also cost brands millions on the digital shelf – as ecommerce titan Salsify found, 30% of U.S. shoppers say they will not purchase a product if images are missing or low quality, and another 70% say they are more likely to buy a product from a personally relevant product page.
  • Vizit used its AI-powered image analytics platform to reveal which wine, beer, and spirits brands offer consumers the most visually engaging experiences, as well as which image and design elements drive highly effective listings for online alcohol shoppers.

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