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How are wine brands capturing attention and driving conversion with their product imagery on Target’s digital shelf?

Vizit analyzed visual content from the top-searched wine brands on Target, including images from 100 unique listings and 45 brands. The chart below displays the visual brand performance of all 45 brands based on the scores of their product listing page imagery.

Visual Brand Performance Leaders

The Wine Brands With the Most Effective Visual Content on Target’s Digital Shelf

Earning a product hero score of 98.0, Oyster Bay’s visual content outscores all other top-searched wine brands on Target’s digital shelf. The brand’s high score is driven by effective packaging design, as well as high-quality carousel images that include images of wine in glasses in dining settings, stylized fruit background graphics, and alternate angles of product packaging. Among the top-5 scoring brands there are also 4 other well-known brands: Ecco Domani, SunPop, Chateau Ste. Michelle, and Gerard Bertrand.

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The Hero and Carousel Image Design Trends that Drive Traffic and Conversion Potential of Visual Content

An AI-analysis of hundreds of wine product hero and carousel images on Target’s digital shelf surfaced distinct trends in which images and design techniques drive visual effectiveness for online alcohol shoppers.

Traffic-Drivers: Characteristics of High-Scoring Product Hero Imagery

Minimalist white labels including illustrations

Wine packaging imagery that include white labels and small illustrations score highly for online alcohol shoppers. Both the Oyster Bay and Chateau Ste. Michelle brands feature white wine products that exemplify this design trend.

Colorful labels and large logo text

Wine labels that include ample color and large logo or brand name text tend to score higher with online alcohol shoppers. The Sun Pop brand is a prime example of this visual trend along with the California Roots brand.

Dark labels and limited contrast

Darker wine labels with limited contrast to the bottle tend to score lower with online alcohol shoppers. Both the Apothic brand and the Tall Dark Stranger brand wines feature product imagery that exemplifies this trend.

Conversion-Drivers: Characteristics of High-Scoring Carousel Imagery

Vineyard & greenery visuals

Supporting carousel content that features imagery of vineyards or greenery are highly visually appealing to online alcohol shoppers. Brands including Chateau Ste. Michelle, Ecco Domani, Starborough, Dark Horse, and Sutter Home utilize this technique in their carousel imagery.

High contrast, abstract backdrops

Carousel images that include wine bottles displayed over high contrast and abstract backdrops score highly for online alcohol shoppers. These images often include highly stylized drop shadows and textures, as well as plant and other prop visuals. SunPop, Barefoot, and Yes Way Rose brands all exemplify this trend.

Wine pictured alongside snacks & meals

Carousel images that include wine bottles and glasses next to meals score highly for alcohol shoppers. Images from Chateau Ste. Michelle, The Collection, Bogle, and Nobilo exemplify this trend.

Insights to Action: Optimizing Digital Shelf Imagery at Scale with Visual Brand Performance

According to Salsify, 30% of U.S. shoppers say they will not purchase a product if images are missing or low quality, while 70% say they are more likely to buy a product from a personally relevant product page. Even if you’ve nailed your description, search, reviews, inventory, and pricing – the wrong visual content can mean millions in lost sales every year. Using the power of AI and machine learning, Vizit gives brands the power to measure the impact of product imagery to ensure it’s relevant for specific consumer audiences. Leading brands are utilizing Vizit’s Visual Brand Performance platform to create, identify, optimize, and monitor the effectiveness of imagery at the speed and scale of ecommerce.

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