Snack Food: Chips

How are snack food brands capturing attention and driving conversion with their product imagery on Walmart’s digital shelf?

Read the full Visual Brand Performance report to learn:
  • Which chip brands are best positioned to win the race for customer attention on the digital shelf
  • The types of hero images which help chip listings standout on search results pages
  • The carousel image design trends which help increase the conversion potential of chip listings
  • How to integrate Visual Brand Performance into your content syndication and digital shelf monitoring workflows

Discover the brands winning the race for customer attention on Walmart

See our AI-powered image analysis of the top 100 listings for the search term "chips" on Walmart’s digital shelf to discover brands that are best positioned to capture the attention and convert online snacks shoppers.

See the visual trends that resonate with snack food shoppers

Understand the image characteristics and design trends that that resonate with online snack food shoppers and drive traffic and conversions.