Visual Brand Performance Category Report

Cough & Cold

A visual analysis of cough & cold product imagery across Amazon, CVS, Kroger, & Walmart.


Kroger cough & cold Visual Brand Performance leader: Vicks

Vizit analyzed the top 100 searched cough & cold products across 26 brands on Kroger to reveal the highest scoring visual brands for OTC online shoppers. Product hero and carousel imagery on all product display pages were analyzed to generate Visual Brand Performance rankings.

The Visual Brand Performance leader of the 25 brands analyzed on Kroger’s digital shelf is Vicks. Vicks overall Vizit Score of 79.7 is driven by exceptional product hero imagery. Vicks packaging imagery featuring stylized bottle caps both captures the attention of online OTC shoppers and drives visual engagement.

Kroger Cough & Cold Visual Brand Performance Leaders & Laggards

The chart below illustrates which brands are best and worst positioned to drive traffic and conversions based on the Vizit Scores for their hero (traffic-driving) and carousel (conversion-driving) images. The size of each brand circle represents the amount of images each brand has in the Kroger top 100 cough & cold search results. While Vicks, Kroger, and Delsym brands are best positioned to drive both traffic and conversions on Kroger, brands such as Dimetapp, Alka-Seltzer, and Cold-Eze are not positioned well to drive traffic and conversions with their visual content.

High-Scoring Product Hero Image Trends

The highest-scoring individual product hero images on the Kroger digital shelf for OTC shoppers include blue packaging elements, and high contrast or highly stylized product bottle caps. Examples include Mucinex Day & Night Children’s Cold Liquid as well as Vick’s VapoShower. Products with high contrast or highly stylized caps include Robitussin naturals, Vicks Nyquil, Mucinex all in one, and Kroger brand daytime severe cold & flu cough syrup.

Low-Scoring Product Hero Image Trends

Low-scoring product hero images on the Kroger digital shelf include packaging with high volumes of text and shades of purple visible on packaging. Kroger brand Children’s cough syrups and Alka-Seltzer Plus are visible examples of this trend.

High-Scoring Carousel Image Trends

High-scoring carousel imagery on Kroger’s digital shelf includes the use of colorful gradients and large, bold, white text. They also include illustrations as seen in the Mucinex images. Additionally OTC online shoppers are visually engaged by alternate packaging angles of products that have high contrast or stylized caps.

Low-Scoring Carousel Image Trends

Low-scoring carousel imagery on Kroger’s digital shelf include alternate product images of packaging that contain purple and white, as well as iconography that is accompanied by heavy volumes of smaller sized text content.

Kroger SKU Spotlight: Vicks NyQuil Kids Honey

A top-scoring SKU on the Kroger digital shelf is Vicks NyQuil Kids Honey Cold & Cough + Congestion Nighttime Relief Liquid. While each retailer has its own product image requirements for what is and isn’t allowed, Kroger’s are stricter than many other retailers’, which limits brands’ options for the supporting carousel imagery. This high-scoring SKU includes 3 images, all of which are visuals of Nyquil’s product at different angles.

Vicks Product Hero Visual Trends

This Nyquil product hero image scores a 87.5, making it one of the highest-scoring product hero images on Kroger’s digital shelf. While consumer attention is garnered primarily by the product logo and label, visual engagement is driven primarily by the high contrast, stylized product cap. The product is visualized from 2 other angles for this PDP, both which score highly. Noticeably, the straight-on product hero image scores highest with OTC online shoppers. Many of the Vicks products across their cough & cold portfolio include high contrast and stylized caps.

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