Visual Brand Performance Category Report

Cough & Cold

A visual analysis of cough & cold product imagery across Amazon, CVS, Kroger, & Walmart.


Walmart cough & cold Visual Brand Performance leader: Luden’s

Vizit analyzed the top 100 searched cough & cold products across 19 brands on Walmart to reveal the highest scoring visual brands for OTC online shoppers. Product hero and carousel imagery on all product display pages were analyzed to generate Visual Brand Performance rankings.

The Visual Brand Performance leader of the 19 brands analyzed on Walmart’s digital shelf is Luden’s. It’s overall Vizit Score of 64.9 is driven by high-scoring product hero and carousel imagery. Luden packaging imagery featuring bright colors and large cherry fruit graphics resonates with online OTC shoppers and is highly likely to drive attention and engagement. Luden’s carousel imagery also resonates with online OTC shoppers, again driven by their use of large fruit graphics and bright brand colors.

Walmart Cough & Cold Visual Brand Performance Leaders & Laggards

The chart below illustrates which brands are best and worst positioned to drive traffic and conversions based on the Vizit Scores for their hero (traffic-driving) and carousel (conversion-driving) images. The size of each brand circle represents the amount of images each brand has in the Walmart top 100 cough & cold search results. While the “cough and cold” search results are dominated by Walmart’s own “Equate” brand, the brands best positioned drive traffic and conversions with visual content are Luden’s, Ricola, Theraflu, and Dimetapp. Brands such as Tylenol, Hyland’s, Alka-Seltzer, and Coricidin are not positioned to drive traffic and conversions with their visual content.

High-Scoring Product Hero Image Trends

High-scoring product hero images on Walmart’s digital shelf include cough drop product packaging that feature large illustrations, as well as products like Nquil and Mucinex that utilize the product cap space for design elements.

Low-Scoring Product Hero Image Trends

The lowest-scoring product hero images on Walmart’s digital shelf include product packaging imagery that features large volumes of text, the color green, and large circular logos. Mucinex DM, Alka-Seltzer Plus, and Robitussin Sever are all examples of this visual trend.

High-Scoring Supporting Carousel Image Trends

High-scoring carousel imagery on Walmart’s digital shelf includes visuals with iconography and illustrations. These images depict the symptoms the medication treats, and use large, bold, white font and white iconography on colored or gradient backgrounds. Both Theraflu and Walmart’s own “Equate” brand use this visual technique frequently within their carousel images.

Low-Scoring Supporting Carousel Image Trends

Low-scoring Walmart carousel imagery includes visuals of packaging with high volumes of text. Both Alka-Seltzer and Equate brands feature many packaging images in their carousels that score low with OTC online shoppers.

Walmart SKU Spotlight: Luden’s Deliciously Soothing Throat Drops

As the leader in Visual Brand Performance in Walmart’s top searched cough & cold products, Luden’s imagery scores highly in both product hero and carousel imagery. Their “Deliciously Soothing Throat Drops” listing contains 1 product hero image, and 4 carousel images.

Luden’s Product Hero Visual Trends
Luden’s Carousel Visual Trends: Informational Imagery

While consumer attention is primarily drawn to the text and claims within informational carousel imagery, the use of cherry fruit imagery is again the primary driver behind the high image scores. The images featuring cherry graphics in Luden’s carousel score a 88.8 and a 62.6 respectively.

Luden’s Carousel Visual Trends: Lifestyle Imagery

The flat-lay style image that features Luden’s cough drop product next to personal items scores highly with online OTC consumers. While consumer attention is primarily drawn to the product itself, the overall image score is driven by appearance of everyday carry items next to the product.

The Luden’s lifestyle carousel image including human models scores noticeably lower for online OTC shoppers. While attention is drawn to the models’ faces, the audience is unlikely to be visually engaged by the cough drop appearing on their tongues.

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